About My Health Guide

People with learning disabilities often have difficulty managing complex information that comes their way, including information about their health and health care.

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We wanted to find a way in which people could hold on to and make sense of the information they are given about their health and wellbeing.

We also wanted to find a way in which health professionals could both get across and receive important information to and from someone they support, to help professionals personalise care and improve outcomes.

Whatever we came up with had to enable and empower people to communicate about themselves and their needs.

My Health Guide enables users to

  • Capture what matters to them in a single, user-friendly place in a format that best suits them: text, images, video and audio
  • Share information with carers and health professionals
  • Establish better quality relationships with support staff and health professionals

Watch how My Health Guide is helping service users and staff at Miller’s Day Centre in East Yorkshire.

My Health Guide Benefits


  • Better outcomes
  • Less confusion
  • Greater control & choice
  • Greater confidence
  • Better co-ordinated care

Family Carers

  • Better informed and involved
  • Manage support across different services
  • Better knowledge sharing


  • More effective front-line service
  • Improved outcomes
  • Real-time progress reporting
  • Better patient/user communication
  • Integrated working


  • Improved service efficiencies and patient outcomes
  • Reduced out-of-area placements
  • Quality reports direct from service users
  • Tackling health inequalities

It’s a bespoke record of the patient. A complete picture of the person, available to them, to their carers, to their family and to health care professionals. It provides a much richer picture of that individual.

David Hill, CEO, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Find out more about Maldaba’s work in creating My Health Guide in our new video.

Funding Partners

My Health Guide development was commissioned and funded by NHS England. The views expressed on this website are those of the authors and not necessarily that of the funding partners.