For adults with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities often have difficulty managing complex information that comes their way, including information about their health and the care they receive.

My Health Guide provides a way for people to hold on to and make sense of the information they are given about their health and wellbeing.

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My Health Guide enables people to

  • Capture what matters to them in a single user-friendly place
  • Add content in their preferred format: text, images, audio or video
  • Share information with carers and health professionals
  • Establish better quality relationships with support staff and health professionals

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Before, it would have been two professionals talking. Now the patient is at the heart of that. He’s owning that information, and sharing it with us because he wants to.

Joanne Bone, Senior Nurse, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

My Health Guide owners video

We’ve produced a short introductory video for My Health Guide app owners (and potential owners) to help them understand what My Health Guide is, why it’s useful, and how it can help them.



My Health Guide improves the daily life of profoundly disabled Max Max is profoundly disabled. That doesn't prevent him engaging with and benefiting from My Health Guide every day, with…

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